“iPhone collaborations” is an ongoing sequence made with Quicktype. The parenthesis indicate points where I chose a word on my own.

Collaboration #9

Selfie Sunday with the guys who have
the same birthday as me / forever

and then my life will come to a good
place /  to be great
and she was invited to the superbowl
party at all times and she was invited
to the super-bowl party at the city 
of the city city of Chicago

Collaboration #8

Oh God, that’s just a little too many.

People can take you away
with the best of all the best and the most beautiful

things you have.

Oh God, I’m so sorry.
Oh God I’m so proud.

I guess I should be able to see.

I’m so sorry I don’t know what to say.

Collaboration #7

(One) thing after a few minutes.

Is there not a great time?

(Blasphemous) of my shifts today

and she was told about how she got (pronoun)ced.

(Working) with a (piece) of the city.

(Cellphone) was a great idea for me.

(Wires) are so much better than the cracks of the timer.

(Rubber) and the spot – is there

a lot more than – the first wave
of the shifts to start a new game.

Collaboration #6- (progress) made by our parents

(Blood) is not a question.

(Pain) is the best way to start the (procession)
of your own rebellion against a great city.

(America) is a soft place to be able.

(Pick axes) (slipping) away from your
mouth and then you take a little.

(Electricity) was a darker side of the world
than the world of an (obscure)
country that was invited by a few.

Collaboration #5 – a way you can work

(Precious metals) have a great way
of getting the best for you to take

your parents will take your money off
you after everything is going on.

(Silicon) wafers was a great little bit of work

Hey hey you guys can can do that.
Hey hey you guys can do it tomorrow

but that’s not the best way.

Collaboration #4 – still of my

I’m sorry for the thought of you
but that’s not the same as the other one.

I’m sorry for the thought of you
but that’s why I didn’t take it

to the city of my early life.

I’m sorry for the thought of you
but I didn’t know what I did.

I’m sorry for the thought of you
but you are so cool and you are so much

more than just a few people who are
still there.

Collaboration #3 – a party

(Apple) is the best thing about the world
and I have no problem there.

(Mines) just messaged you and now
you are the best friend I have.

Hey, you can take me to a party for you

and then I’ll take you to a party
party tomorrow night party party

tomorrow and party party Saturday
party party tomorrow party Saturday

party party Saturday night shift party
party night party party at the best weekend ever.

Collaboration #2 – for both

I’m so happy to have you on my phone.

Hey, you hate the fact you have a good time.

Where do we get this stuff from – this article and I?

Sorry for that. You are the only person

I’m doing it too but that’s not what
you wanted me to say.

Collaboration #1 – the facts

The fact I can see you.
The fact I can see it.
The only thing that would.
The only thing that would.
The fact I have a great way.
The fact I have a great way.
The only one that is the only one.
The fact I can get it right.