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Vundabar, or Colluqially The Vundabois


The boys of Vundabar seem exhausted as I sit with them on the porch. This is the morning after Vundabar unleashed their explosive garage pop upon a D.I.Y. basement show in downtown Madison. I am not surprised at the bags under their eyes, considering they have been playing almost every night for the past two months to build hype for their first full album, GAWK. Continue reading “Vundabar, or Colluqially The Vundabois”

CrashPrez on Everything

Michael Penn, under the name CRASHprez, dropped his first full-length album, “more perfect.” The second part in a four-part series of EPs and albums asks, “What does it mean to be a young Black man existing in the United States of America right now with middle-class roots… Why can people with my skin die on a snack run or a night drive or in our sleep?” The story picks up where “fear itself.,” his last EP, left off — with a failed murder attempt leading to a public resurrection. Despite a seemingly hostile environment, Michael is not alone. The album features a catalog of collaborators from the Madison hip-hop community, as well as Psymun as producer on the synth-infused track “Pollo y Porno”.

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An Interview with Tyler Fassnaught of Fire Retarded, The Hussy

Tyler Fassnacht is one of the recognizable features of the Madison Wisconsin punk underground. He’s been in a ton of bands, and the one he fronts, Fire Retarded, is a staple of the local punk scene, having opened for the likes of Cloud Nothings and Jeff the Brotherhood. He’s also a member of recent start-up Proud Parents, and is beginning work on a solo bedroom folk-infused side project called T.S. Foss.

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Creative Shark: An Interview with Claire Nelson Lifson

Claire Nelson-Lifson is a stalwart of the Madison underground community. As we talked about her creative career, I quickly became overwhelmed at the number of projects she’s participated in. She’s in multiple bands, and still finds time to edit the new zine Toothtaker, and co-manage her tape label, Rare Plant, out of her living room.

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